Trial Fonts

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Get our trial fonts for free by typing 0 as a fair price, tip us a coffee for 3,80 (most popular choice) or a yacht for 5.000.000. You decide!

Full versions of our typefaces are available through our website.

What do you get?

The latest trial font file(s) of the selected typeface(s).

Characters included are usually:
0123456789 .,-

What can I do with those trial versions?

The trial versions of the fonts can be used for testing purposes only. Therefore, any use of the trial versions of the fonts in any final and/or published project, may it be personal or commercial, is strictly forbidden.

In all cases of testing the fonts for their potential use in an online environment, the licence holder is obliged to test the fonts only in a protected, offline environment. – Students, who must be able to show a valid student ID to be recognised as such, are allowed to use the trial versions of the fonts for student projects and may publish those as long as these student projects remain noncommercial and only if the name of the fonts and its designer “Nguyen Gobber” gets credited appropriately.

Read the full licencing details to ensure legal usage of the provided font files.

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Trial Fonts

94 ratings
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